Fabric Movement and Malleability

This is our second post about Lani’s Lana Community Supported Cloth, a climate beneficial wool fabric that recently shipped to everyone who pre-ordered yardage. We—or rather, patternmaker and master sewist Dan DiSanto—are providing some information on how to work with … Read More

Preparing to Sew Your Climate Beneficial Wool Fabric

This week, Lani’s Lana Community Supported Cloth—a climate beneficial wool fabric—shipped to everyone who pre-ordered yardage. Since we know that includes a lot of Fibershed supporters, we figured we’d provide some information on how to work with this very special … Read More

How Fibershed Dual Membership Works

Today’s question comes to us from J.P., who writes: “Dear Nor Cal Coop: The membership option that includes the Coop stock and the Fibershed nonprofit membership costs $140, and says ‘one-time fee.’ Fibershed producer members pay $40/year for our memberships. … Read More

Coop Stock Types

What’s the difference between preferred and common stock? Will I receive a dividend? Read on for more information on the types of stock that come with Coop membership. We have a variety of Coop membership types available, and want to … Read More

Fibershed Marketplace Updates

The Coop is legally incorporated, and the Marketplace website is moving along, too. A visual design mock-up of the Fibershed Marketplace home page, to experiment with website layout, look and feel, and color palette. Fibershed Marketplace Progress Since late January … Read More